title date
Yinhu | A Memorable design living space 20201201Dec, 2020
Green Building Award- NINA GARDEN 20201104Nov, 2020
MUSE Design Awards 2021 20210416Apr, 2021
Cohere Design Project | Jin Cheng·Number One “Alice in the Wonderland” 20200325Mar, 2020
Cohere Design Project | Sunac Wuzhou Fu Borrowing 20180606Jun, 2018
Cohere Design Project | Sunac Wuzhou Fu Sculpture 20180526May, 2018
Chinachem Group Ho Man Tin Phase II Development Project Partner Exchange 20200807Aug, 2020
The 2018 Beam Plus Award Ceremony 20181223Dec, 2018
Sol City 20200801Aug, 2020
Mississauga Urban Design Award 2018 20181201Dec, 2018
Cultural City 20191101Nov, 2019
Announcement of Merger with BTI 20160901Sep, 2016
Grand Opening 2015 20150801Aug, 2015