Cohere was founded from a desire for change.

During our founder with more than 20 years experience in the Landscape Architecture industry, our founder felt that people’s demands for lifestyle, culture and environment were constantly changing. With the idea of repositioning Landscape Design in response to those changes, he left a major international company to start his own business.

Cohere pays close attention to macro-environment developments. Not only do we attentively study the interactions between people and the environment, but also between time and space. All in order to better understand the true needs of the client and the project. By scrutinizing these relationships, we are able to develop comprehensive details and propose sound solutions. It is our ambition to always promote new ideas and positively contribute to society.


01Cohere Mission

Cohere Design is committed to build better relationship between human beings, natural environment, architecture and culture by providing flexible and sustainable designs, and to establish higher quality and more balanced living environment, and at the same time, create more possibilities through design.

02Cohere Construct

With high market sensitivity, excellent ability to practice design ideas and strong control of construction quality, Cohere Construct is able to link up design ideas and practical construction to improve managerial efficiency and cost control. Our services include landscape design, interior design and project management etc.

  • 01Landscape design and build service
  • 02Landscape upgrade and enhancement service
  • 03Interior design and build service

03Cohere Solution

Cohere Solution is a creative collaborating platform that serves privately-owned or public projects. With rich professional experience, our team can always bring brand new elements to the project with creative ideas, explore and enhance the project’s potential with excellent management model.

  • 01Branding and Marketing Strategy
  • 02Project Design Management
  • 03Public Engagement